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Welcome to the world of ENVIE, your destination for excellence in Made in Italy hair products. The ENVIE brand is part of the INTERCOSMETICS MILANO family, a passionate company that since 1987 firmly believes in the art of beauty and hair care as fundamental pillars for expressing one’s individuality.

We are dedicated to the production of high-quality hair products, made with cutting-edge formulations that embody the essence of scientific research and Italian tradition. Our mission is to satisfy every need for healthy and beautiful hair, both for industry professionals and quality-conscious consumers.

Thanks to our dedication to quality, each ENVIE product represents a unique sensory experience. From the choice of raw materials to the artisanal care in production, we are committed to offering solutions that exceed expectations and create extraordinary results.

Our products are designed to address specific hair care challenges, ensuring visible, long-lasting results. Our range includes a vast selection of products, from regenerating treatments to styling formulas, all with the aim of improving the health and appearance of your hair.

We are proud to be an Italian company that embraces tradition and innovation, continuing the legacy of excellence in the hair products industry. Whether you are a professional in the sector or an attentive consumer, we invite you and your hair to discover the ENVIE experience. Join us on the journey to the beauty and health of your hair.

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We are a family-run company that values ​​the importance of relationships and direct presence. Our constant commitment is to shorten the distances with our consumers by participating in numerous fairs around the world.

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